Round Two of the OpenMP-MPI Smack-Down
Ready for the HPC MMA battle? Of course I mean a Memory and Messages Assessment
Smart Clusters: Intelligence Is As Intelligence Does
Is there a place for Artificial Intelligence on your cluster?
HPC Past and Present: Remembering the i8087
Where do all good ideas go? Into the CPU of course.
The Parallel View
The lessons of cluster HPC may prove valuable to the mainstream
Talk About HPC Bang For Your Buck, How About Ka-Boom For The Server Room
An HPC product review featuring the Appro 1U Tetra GP-GPU server
More on Multi-core
Multi-core has made it to cell phones. Doug follows up on some recent stories about low power cell phone clusters and high power multi-core memory performance
Exercising Multi-core
An opportunity to run some simple yet telling tests on a 12-core Intel Gulftown server presents itself
The State of Oracle/Sun Grid Engine
Recent news and product releases could be cause for concern for the future of the open source Oracle/Sun Grid Engine.
A Cluster In Your Pocket
Cell phone processors are getting more powerful. Is a cell phone cluster possible?
Moving HPC Closer to The Desktop
Cloud and Multi-core offer new modes of High Performance Computing. Will it suit your needs?
Cluster In The Clouds
The new Amazon EC2 Cluster Compute Instance may be a game changer in HPC
Summer Language Seminar: The R Project
The R statical language is more than a plotting tool.
Blowing The Doors Off HPC Speed-up Numbers
A recent paper by Intel provides some hard data on CPU vs GP-GPU speed-up numbers.
The End Of The HPC Server (As We Know It)
Has the big multi-core Xeon and Opteron server jumped the HPC shark?
Low Cost/Power HPC
The low power Intel Atom offers some interesting possibilities for HPC. Does it make sense to try this approach?
Disposable HPC
Increasing total cost of ownership (TCO) may make throw-away nodes an option in the future
An HPC Field Trip
A trip to New York City to discuss HPC is a nice diversion from the basement life style.
Intel’s Single-chip Cluster Computer (SSC)
Intel recently released an experimental processor that resembles a cluster on a chip.
Toasting Freedom: Trading Choice for Convenience
The growth of clustered HPC is do in part to the freedom to choose (and toasters).
HPC Clusters in 2010: Moving Forward with Ethernet
It has been well over ten years since the first Linux clusters arrived in the HPC market. What's next?