Putting Text to Speech to Work
Raise your (phone's) voice as we build out our Text To Speech app for Android.
A Look at Firefox Mobile
Firefox is coming to Android devices. Does Android need another browser and can FF and it's add-ons displace the default software on the growing mobile platform?
Look Who’s Talking: Android Edition
Adding speech to Android apps isn't nearly as difficult as you would think. "Text to Speech" is a snap with the android.speech.tts package.
Upgrading Android: A Guided Tour
Android moves pretty fast. It's important to know when, how and what to expect when you upgrade your device. Let's step through a recent upgrade from Froyo to Gingerbread on a Nexus One.
Browsing the Android Market from the Desktop
Finding applications just got a lot easier thanks to the enhanced Android Market by Google.
One Down for MeeGo: Now What?
Who has two thumbs and isn't at all surprised at Nokia throwing MeeGo under the bus? This guy. The Nokia partnership with Microsoft is appalling and bad news for MeeGo, but not a surprise at all. What comes next? That's up to Intel.
Android Market Gets a Facelift
The Android Market gets a much-needed updated and makes some important strides forward in how apps are distributed.
BlackBerry Apps That Won’t Die
While BlackBerry may not be getting all the press these days, it's possible that BB will be around and "running forever." Building on that theme, we take a look at techniques for launching BlackBerry applications that need to run continually.
Wrapping up JQuery Mobile, Part 4
We finish up our investigation into jQuery Mobile with a look at one of the most important elements of mobile app design: event handling.
JQuery Mobile, Part 3: Attack of the Forms
Need to capture some data from you users? jQuery Mobile forms differ from traditional forms in a couple of ways but can save you some headaches when building your app.
JQuery Mobile Preview, Part 2
We whip up a small sample app to see just how much heavy-lifting jQuery takes off a mobile developer's hands.
Checking out JQuery Mobile, Part 1
JQuery is going mobile
What Are Your Six Go-To Android Apps?
We're tapping the linuxdls hive-mind this week for Android-based apps that deserve an install. Share your favorites.
Catching up with the Gingerbread Man
Android 2.3 SDK has arrived
Avoiding Inappropriate Contact via the iPhone
The TSA gets into the Mobile App Game.
Exploring the ListField, Part 2
Subclassing for fun and function.
Exploring the ListField, Part 1
Display data with the BlackBerry ListField
Color in Your Cheeks: Brighten Up BlackBerry Apps
Subclassing built-in classes can add color to otherwise blah BlackBerry apps.
The Mobile Plot Thickens: The BlackBerry Tablet
Android Patently Challenged, Blackberry steps to the table(t)
From Zero to Mobile Inventor in 10 Minutes
App Inventor, beta (imagine that!) software from Google that provides near-WYSIWYG Android app development.