A Little (q)bit of Quantum Computing
Recent news has put quantum computing into the spotlight. Is quantum computing almost here?
Emailing HPC
Email is not unlike MPI. The similarities may help non-geeks understand parallel computers a little better.
Chasing The Number
The Top500 list is a valuable measure of HPC progress, but the race it has spawned maybe over for many organizations
Where’s the Parallel Beef?
Yet another parallel programing rant. Has the cluster market all but killed parallel tools development?
Understanding Parallel Computing: Amdahl’s Law
More cores mean better performance, right? That's not what Amdahl says. Learn one of the foundations of parallel computing in "Amdahl's Law." Prepare yourself for math. And lawn mowing.
May’s Law and Parallel Software
This little known "law" is a corollary to the more famous Moore's Law of semiconductor growth.
Pocket Wars and Cores
The battle going on at the low end may have consequences at the high end.
Why Parallel Matters
As the move to multi-core accelerates so does the need for parallel programming, but first let's look at what is causing this trend.
HPC 101: Concurrency, Parallelism and You
Class is in session! Professor Eadline walks us through the concepts of Concurrency and Parallelism and how they will apply to all computer programs in the future (not just High Performance Computing).
Open Grid Engine Schedules a New Path
One of the open source refugees from the Oracle/Sun takeover finds a welcome home.
Large Scale SMP, Yes Really
How can the benefits enjoyed by large shared memory systems exist in a distributed cluster world?
The 1000 Core Processor
The eventual move from multi-core to many-core is on the horizon and it looks to be a real doozy.
HPC 2010: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
A look at some disappointments and highlights of 2010 HPC season
SC10 Nuggets
Some of the quieter stories may turn out to be the most interesting in the near future.
Digging Into The Top500
Who cares about the FLOPS. The real story is about who and how.
The High Road to HPC Tools: Lunch with Intel’s James Reinders
My yearly check-in with Intel's lead software director/evangelist covers compilers, AMD processors, new tools, benchmarks, and other developments that make ordering your bits a bit easier
SMMscale: The Next HPC Challenge
One of the big challenges in HPC is not at the top, but at the bottom
Smashing (and) the HPL Benchmark
As SC10 fast approaches, you may have little incentive to read this column, which is why I include my latest personal drama.
Small Hardware and Big Software at SC10
The promise of a sofa at SC10 has all the hallmarks of a successful trade show.
High Performance Community
The often forgotten community aspect of HPC gets remembered each year at the fall Supercomputing conference.