Software Development

The Party of Gno
If something doesn't work, try something else. That's a lesson that the FSF needs to embrace, if it wants to succeed with a mainstream audience. Being the Party of Gno, and trying to tell users to just avoid Windows, Cloud Computing, iPads, and proprietary software isn't cutting it. It's time to come up with credible alternatives or be satisfied with remaining irrelevant to the majority of users.
Intro to CUDA
If pork is the other white meat, GPUs might just be other "other silicon." Want to get started writing code for your graphics processor? Use this intro to NVIDIA's CUDA to get started.
Helpful Tools for Software Developers
Coding is often just a small part of software development. There are lots of other tasks to attend to. Here are some tools to help with all aspects of the job.
The Github Hall of Fame
Github hosts thousands of projects. But you may be surprised what projects are the most forked. Here's a look at some of the top packages.
Book’em, Github.
Technical book authors now post source code archives and even entire books on GitHub. Here are some of the best.
This Week on Github: Stupid Ruby Tricks
Ruby is a very dynamic language. You can turn the language inside out, give objects a frontal lobotomy, and stitch the whole thing back together again, all at runtime. Here are some examples.
A Veritable Scatter Shot!
Github offers something for every developer. This week, read about some obscure and not so obscure software recently posted on Github.
Why Parrot is Important
Think writing a compiler is difficult? It is—unless you use Parrot, a complete compiler construction kit. With Parrot, crafting a new programming language is as easy as authoring a new website.
The Adobe AIR File API
Typical browser applications cannot access the local filesystem. However, Adobe AIR applications can, giving those applications a distinct advantage. Learn how the AIR File API works and build an application that can read and write from a local disk. Someday, your browser will do the very same thing.
This Week on Github: iPhone Development
For many software developers, Apple’s iPhone prints money. For other developers, it’s a vexing mess. If you’re just getting started with iPhone coding, GitHub can help. A lot.
This Week on Github: In Good Company
As open source burgeons in popularity, contributors are flocking to websites to share and borrow code. Github is one of the most popular. This inaugural installment of "This Week in Github" introduces the service and highlights some of the best projects available.
Shifting Applications Into Gearman
Gearman enables a new level of software abstraction. With this lightweight infrastructure you can to outsource work to better-suited computers, run tasks in parallel, and combine code written in different computer languages.
Blueprint for Competing with Proprietary Software
Peek behind the curtain to see how proprietary software views the competitive threat of B2C FOSS.
Code Editor in the Cloud
Mozilla Labs lauches Bespin, a cloud-based, collaborative code editor.
Top 10 Software Development Articles of 2008
Software developers take note: We look back at 2008 and select the best linuxdlsazine features of the year.
Making the Most of Commit Hooks with Subversion
If you're already using Subversion for version control, extend it with commit hooks to make it a more integrated part of your development workflow.
Using Perl and LDAP
A walkthrus of the basics: making connections, creating and modifying entries, and searching.
Praise for the Humble gedit
A rare case of the default option being surprisingly powerful.
Looking After Your Bugs with Request Tracker
Juliet Kemp shows you how to look after your bugs with Request Tracker, an enterprise-grade (and GPL'ed) ticketing system that can be used for project management, help desks, software development, and much more.
strace: The Friend You Never Knew You Had
While strace is often used for troubleshooting and debugging, you can also use strace to get started on examining the I/O pattern of your serial codes.