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InnoDB Performance Monitoring with innotop
Manually extracting relevant information from repeated incantations of SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS while trying to figure out what InnoDB is doing is not only error prone, it's just plain hard to do. And since MySQL doesn't expose the data you really want in an INFORMATION_SCHEMA table (yet?), the option is use an external program to help: innotop.
MySQL Upgrade Testing
Upgrading MySQL can be a bit of a leap of faith. You hope for everything to go well but really don't want to rely on mere hope to ensure that you don't find yourself with a nasty surprise late one night.
Some Reasonable Defaults for MySQL Settings
Out of the box, MySQL isn't exactly tuned for resilience on a busy network where things occasionally go haywire.
Hacking with CouchDB
Working with CouchDB is very straightforward. There's virtually no setup involved and no complicated libraries to hassle with.
An Introduction to CouchDB
CouchDB is one of the most popular and mature document-oriented databases. Let's have a look at the features that make it so popular, get it installed, and start putting it to use.
Data By The Numbers
When dealing with large distributed systems, knowing some basic performance and failure numbers helps you understand what you can reasonably expect both in terms of performance and reliability.
NoSQL: Distributed and Scalable Non-Relational Database Systems
Non-SQL oriented distributed databases are all the rage in some circles. They're designed to scale from day 1 and offer reliability in the face of failures.
Consistent Hashing for Scaling Out
Consistent Hashing is a useful technique for horizontal scaling while also protecting yourself against future growth as well as server failures.
Expecting to Fail
How can you help to ensure availability of a of a web site or other network service? We'll look at some of the techniques at our disposal.
Introducing MongoDB
Relational databases are not necessarily the best choice for modern Web applications. A new generation of alternatives is emerging. MongoDB is one of the best emergent solutions. And it's open source.
Database Storage Performance Testing in a Hurry
Sometimes you need answers to important questions quickly. When benchmarking new disk and disk-like subsystems, how can you get relevant and useful info without a lot of time?
The Curious Case of the Failing Connections, Part 2
This week we continue on the trek to locate the source of failing MySQL connections and uncover a solution.
The Curious Case of the Failing Connections
Troubleshooting is often an adventure that takes you to unexpected places and teaches you a lot along the way.
Redis: Lightweight key/value Store That Goes the Extra Mile
Need a key/value store that doesn't compromise functionality for performance? Have a look at redis.
RethinkDB: Rethinking the Database using Modern Assumptions
As technology evolves, it's often worth re-thinking how we do things. A small group of engineers is doing just that for MySQL.
Quick and Dirty MySQL Performance Troubleshooting
What are the first things you should look at after learning of a sudden change in MySQL server performance?
PBXT: Your Next MySQL Storage Engine?
The PBXT storage engine for MySQL is nearing a stable release. What's so special about PBXT, anyway?
Understanding MySQL Appliances and Hardware Acceleration
Believe it or not, there are servers specifically designed to run MySQL -- not to mention other hardware that help to accelerate your databases. Here's a look at what's out there.
MySQL Sandbox: Treat MySQL Instances like Virtual Machines
Install isolated side-by-side MySQL instances right the first time with this time-saving virtual manager.
Mattkit: A Great MySQL Toolbox
Here's a look at some of the most useful MySQL tools you've probably never seen (or heard of).
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