The End Of The HPC Server (As We Know It)

Has the big multi-core Xeon and Opteron server jumped the HPC shark?

I was there watching Happy Days when The Fonz jumped the shark. I remember thinking, this show is getting weird. Not that I was a big fan, I happened to be watching it that night and decided it was time to call it quits. Thus was born the term “jumping the shark,” which does not necessarily mean the end, it just means that it will never be as good as it was, at least that is my interpretation.

Let’s move on to my overly provocative headline. At times I have thought about the direction of HPC clusters and I must confess things seem a little weird. I tend toward the fundamental side when it comes to parallel computing, a single core (CPU), lot’s of memory, and fast interconnect are what I prefer. In my opinion, this design makes programming easier. I assume that the communication behavior between CPUs is…

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