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Is Opera 10.50 Really the Fastest?

Opera is finally making with the snapshots for 10.50 on Linux, but is it really as fast as they claim? Opera’s upcoming release gets a shakedown this week, and the results might surprise you.

Note that I was testing Opera 10.50 mostly on Debian-based systems, so I don’t know if this also works for RPM-based systems. But I think this is a pretty nice touch for Linux users that have multi-user systems. It will be even better when it works properly — which it didn’t during my tests, but I’m going to give Opera the benefit of the doubt because it was a snapshot and not a final release.

Opera is full of nice touches and surprises, though. I love the Zoom feature for resizing Web pages. It’s particularly nice in that images look great even when scaled up ridiculously. Opera also has niceties like built-in notes, a window sidebar for managing all your Opera windows and tabs, and much more fine-grained privacy controls — allowing users to have private windows or tabs during a browsing session.

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