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Supporting The HPC Hero

InterSect360 shares some valuable marketing insights about the HPC market and invites HPC leadership

I have been reviewing HPC Trends for 2010: On The Rebound from Addison Snell of InterSect360 (Formally Tabor Research). You can find the power-point presentation link at InsideHPC. Addison gave this presentation at the 24th Annual Newport HPC Conference. I was not able to attend, but any conference that has been meeting for 24 years has to be doing something right.

The presentation has some great marketing data and I suggest that if you have 15-minutes, take a look at it. Between IDC and InterSect360 it is possible to get some really good market data on the state of HPC. The good news is, according to InterSect360, the worst is over. Overall, according to Addison HPC took a 20% hit in 2009 going from $19.0 to $15.2 Billion. In 2010 things should be bouncing back.

Overall the presentation covered quite a bit of ground including Workstations, SMPs…

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