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Google Buzz: Much Ado about Something

Google is having another go at a social media offering, and this time it looks like the company may be on the right track. Google Buzz was rolled out en masse this week, to largely positive reviews. The service has a few rough edges, but has quite a bit of potential.

If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Google is having a yet another go at a social media platform, this time with Google Buzz. Buzz meshes input from third party social media sites like Flickr and Twitter, and pulls in Google Mail, Google Talk, Google Reader, and a number of other features in a way that makes for a compelling platform. Has Google finally gotten it right? Buzz has a few glitches, but the final product is worth a look.

Last year, Google generated a ton of hype around Wave and plenty of people were convinced that Wave was going to be a fantastic collaboration tool that would mesh real-time and asynchronous communication and provide the next big collaboration and communication platform. Far from being the social media and collaboration tool of dreams, when Wave finally hit the beach it was with all the grace of a dead…

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