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More SC09 Videos: IBM, ScaleMP, and The Great T-shirt Hunt

Let’s all help the Haiti relief effort and then watch some cutting edge videos

When I was a kid, I used to go out for Halloween. That was back in the day when you got real big candy bars and all kinds of other goodies. I also remember collecting money for UNICEF. We would take around the little orange boxes and ask for donations. Almost everyone gave money. I mean how do you say “no” to cute kids in costumes. The biggest problem was at the end of the night the combined candy haul and pile of change got real heavy, which of course was a good kind of problem.

I’m on the other side of Halloween now. Yes, I buy those little candy pieces to give out and I make sure I give to the kids collecting for UNICEF. Although out of respect for the little tykes I give them paper money instead of heavy change.

If you don’t know where I am…

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