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Mozilla Jetpack Gets an Update

Mozilla Labs is continuing in its quest to make it as easy to extend the browser as it is to write a Web page. The latest update to Jetpack came out this week, and brought a few new APIs and a gallery of community contributed Jetpacks. There’s been quite a bit of progress, but Jetpack isn’t quite there just yet.

Plenty of activity going on at Mozilla Labs these days. The latest release out is an update to Jetpack 0.6 that adds two new APIs, a slew of bugfixes, and a gallery of Jetpacks.

A quick reminder, since Jetpack hasn’t been around that long. We covered Jetpack back in June, and it’s improved quite a bit since then. Jetpack is a way to extend Firefox using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS without a need for developers to get into the browser chrome. As an added bonus, since Jetpacks don’t get into the “guts” of Firefox, installing a Jetpack doesn’t even require a restart of the browser (though the Jetpack extension itself does require this).

What’s New?

One of the big additions in 0.6 is the ability to easily create menus. This means Jetpack developers can whip in a menu item to the context menu or Firefox menus…

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