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Opera Readies Unite

Opera recently released a beta of its next browser update, Opera 10.10. Of note in this release is Opera Unite, finally enabled by default. Opera is showing signs of progress, but is Unite all it was initially cracked up to be?

Opera made a big splash with Unite but then the feature seemed to fade away. It didn’t quite make it into Opera 10 when it launched in in September, and not much has been said about it. But it looks like the Opera folks have been quitely tinkering away at Unite, and it’s back in the 10.10 beta builds better than ever.

A quick reminder: Unite is a Web server inside of the Opera Web browser that allows users to run applications that connect them with other Opera users. The default set of applications includes a Web server, file sharing, photo sharing, media player, and a message board.

This means anyone, or at least anyone with an an Opera account and an Opera build with Unite enabled, can run their own collaborative applications. Rather than depending on third party services, like Flickr or an instant messaging service…

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