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Google Chrome: Meet the New Boss

Meet the new boss, not quite the same as the old boss. While Google Chrome isn’t likely to unseat Firefox as the browser of choice for most Linux users very soon, recent development builds are showing a great deal of promise.

Google Chrome may not be the perfect Web browser, if there is such a beast, but it’s definitely going to give Firefox and Internet Explorer a run for their money. Even though Chrome is still in developer preview for Linux, it’s already making great strides.

For the past week or so, I’ve been running Google Chrome as my primary browser. Ben Kevan has been making packages for openSUSE for a while, and I finally decided to take the plunge. Initially, I thought I’d take it for a spin and go back to Firefox — which is what usually happens when I try a different browser. This time around, I may be sticking with Chrome for most of my browsing.

Speed, Stability, Extensions: Pick Two

Installing Chrome on openSUSE was a snap — just install an RPM and Chrome is ready to go. At first launch, Chrome will offer…

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