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File System Evangelist and Thought Leader: An Interview with Valerie Aurora

Jeff Layton talks to Valerie Aurora, file system developer and open source evangelist, about a wide range of subjects including her background in file systems, ChunkFS, the Union file system and how the developer ecosystem can chip in.

There are many people who are influential in Linux. Many of them you are already aware of, but there are some, who are very influential, that you might not be aware. Valerie Aurora is a very influential thought leader in the Linux and FOSS community. She is responsible for the ChunkFS concepts and for much of the current work in Union file system work within Linux.

For many years, file systems on Linux was stalled. The community at large was happy with ext2 and ext3 and that’s where things stayed. There were some efforts with ReiserFS to develop something new, but, overall, the community had stopped FS development. Valerie Aurora pointed this out and started cajoling the community and organized the first ever Linux File Systems Workshop to help jump start the community. In addition she was on the program committee for Fast09.


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