Using VMware Site Recovery Manager to Simplify DR

Nothing is scarier than the prospect of having to recover an entire site after a disaster. VMware® Site Recovery Manager (SRM) is designed to simplify and accelerate disaster recovery. This article discusses the challenges of DR planning and how VMware SRM -- in conjunction with NetApp storage functionality -- can simplify DR for virtual infrastructure.

Creating a detailed, well thought-out disaster recovery plan for your VMware environment is essential to ensuring that if an emergency occurs, system downtime and loss of productivity will be minimal. However, the cost that comes with the complexity of disaster recovery is often too much for already strained budgets. Even if a disaster recovery plan is in place, the time and resources necessary to test it are often too great to accommodate. Without a detailed and proven disaster recovery plan, many companies are vulnerable to a considerable loss of productivity and revenue if a disaster situation ever occurs.

This white paper explains how implementing an automated solution for disaster recovery, failover, and testing can allow you to create your disaster recovery plan and recovery procedures quickly while using very limited resources. It also details the benefits of implementing an automated disaster recovery solution that allows you to:

  • Preprogram your disaster response
  • Preconfigure your entire disaster recovery plan
  • Bring a site online and run tests there from a central location

Read this white paper now to learn how you can implement a disaster recovery solution that is highly customizable, efficient, and reliable.

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