linuxdlsazine’s Top 20 Companies to Watch in 2007

We pick the companies that are defining the future of Information Technology and will have the most impact on the Open Enterprises of 2007. It's the inaugural edition of our 20 Companies to Watch list and we guarantee that every company here will challenge how you think about Linux and Open Source before the year is out.

20 Companies to WatchMuch like any New Year’s reveler, there was some contemplation at linuxdlsazine about the slings and arrows of the past year, but 2006 is history, and the future lies ahead. As difficult as it may be to choose which companies might make the news in the next twelve months, here’s a list of top contenders, and why they’re due to land on the front page.

Our picks for the 20 companies to keep your eye on, in alphabetical order:

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