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Install Linux on your Playstation 3

Install Linux on your Playstation 3

If you’re one of the lucky few to have secured a Playstation 3 at launch and have resolved any internal struggle with whether to plug it in or put it up on eBay you may be interested to know that Sony has given you free access to install another OS on the console.

Assuming you can tear yourself away from Marvel: Ultimate Alliance long enough to be concerned with such things and you’re itching to fill the 60GB hard drive that comes with the $600 version of the PS3, you’ll need two files: the “Other OS Installer” from Sony and your Linux disc image.

Great job to Sony for making this so simple. It eliminates a lot of the hacking involved — which means the CompSci students will just have to focus on the Wii — and you won’t need to worry about 4AM raids from the IP police.

Other than the novelty of being able to play Nethack on a Cell processor I’m not sure why you’d be compelled to do this but, hey, send screenshots.

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