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The Github Hall of Fame
Github hosts thousands of projects. But you may be surprised what projects are the most forked. Here's a look at some of the top packages.
Book’em, Github.
Technical book authors now post source code archives and even entire books on GitHub. Here are some of the best.
This Week on Github: Stupid Ruby Tricks
Ruby is a very dynamic language. You can turn the language inside out, give objects a frontal lobotomy, and stitch the whole thing back together again, all at runtime. Here are some examples.
A Veritable Scatter Shot!
Github offers something for every developer. This week, read about some obscure and not so obscure software recently posted on Github.
Too Hot in the Machine Room? Try Chef.
If you manage a system, you need Chef. Here are some of the best Chef resources and cookbooks on Github.
This Week on Github: iPhone Development
For many software developers, Apple’s iPhone prints money. For other developers, it’s a vexing mess. If you’re just getting started with iPhone coding, GitHub can help. A lot.
This Week on Github: In Good Company
As open source burgeons in popularity, contributors are flocking to websites to share and borrow code. Github is one of the most popular. This inaugural installment of "This Week in Github" introduces the service and highlights some of the best projects available.