Juliet Kemp Archive

Juliet Kemp has been playing with Linux systems for around 6 years now, after discovering that it was an excellent way to avoid Finals revision. She is currently sysadmin for the Astrophysics group at Imperial College, in London (UK), and is responsible for wrangling a Linux+Solaris network and its users.
Making the Most of Commit Hooks with Subversion
If you're already using Subversion for version control, extend it with commit hooks to make it a more integrated part of your development workflow.
Gandalf! Monitor Your Machines with Hobbit
Not quite a ring of power, but Hobbit can take some of the pain out of machine, network and services management.
Using Perl and LDAP
A walkthrus of the basics: making connections, creating and modifying entries, and searching.
Looking After Your Bugs with Request Tracker
Juliet Kemp shows you how to look after your bugs with Request Tracker, an enterprise-grade (and GPL'ed) ticketing system that can be used for project management, help desks, software development, and much more.
Integrating LDAP and Kerberos: Part Two (LDAP)
Juliet Kemp explains how to install and configure LDAP, and get it working with Kerberos, to provide a powerful solution for secure authentication.
Integrating LDAP and Kerberos: Part One (Kerberos)
Kerberos and LDAP are popular, separately, but if you put them together they provide a powerful solution for secure authentication. In the first of two tutorials, Juliet Kemp walks through installation and configuration of Kerberos.
Backups with Bacula: A cross-platform system to archive your data
Whether you have tens of gigabytes or hundreds of terabytes, the Bacula system makes backups easy. Here's a hands-on primer.