Matt Frye Archive

There’s No “I” in a Great System Administration Team
A great team of system administrators can move mountains (of data). Here, learn how to form, norm, and storm with your colleagues.
Three Books Every System Administrator Should Read
Go get a copy of these books. The investment will pay huge dividends.
Making the Best of Downtime
Downtime is a big part of systems administration, but downtime doesn’t have to be painful. A well-planned and well-executed downtime is part of a job well done.
How to Care For and Feed Software Developers
In this new weekly column, longtime Linux guru Matt Frye gives readers the full monty, the real trials and triumphs of a system administrator. This week: The care and feeding of software developers.
The Coroner’s Toolkit
When a malcontent breaks into, or cracks, your computer, your reactions are likely to be very much the same. What was taken? What was left behind? Is the computer safe to use? How can I keep my computer safer in the future? To find answers, reach for The Coroner’s Toolkit.