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Processor Bifurcation

The processor market is diverging between two paths, the general and the predictable. Where does HPC hitch it’s wagon?
After the Big Show: A Report from SC07

After a fun but exhausting week at SC07, HPC editor Doug Eadline returns to report on the show.
High Tech Scuttlebutt: The NYCA-HUG

The free sharing of ideas, successes, and failures around Linux clustering was, in part, responsible for the rapid growth of Linux clusters. But, where are all the HPC user groups now?
Forty Cores: Hands-on with the Tyan Personal Supercomputer

Tyan’s PSC comes packed with forty cores, Infiniband, and much more inside the cube than at first meets the eye.
Clusters 101

Some relief for cluster consternation.
The Quad-Cores Have Landed: Putting Them to Work in HPC

As the new Intel Xeons hit the street, our resident HPC expert spends two weeks with sixteen cores.
The Wide Area Cluster

In a world of rack-em and stack-em clusters and grids, DAS-3 is implementing a new solution that redefines the concept of both clusters and grids.
You Can’t Always Get What You Want

You can’t always get what you want. But that doesn’t stop me from asking. Besides, Buddha’s got my back. Here’s my HPC wish list.
The Cluster Agenda Initiative

The cluster community needs to be pull together and connect the dots. It’s a join or die kind of thing.